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        Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage:

        According to the dictionary definition of “create”, ordinary people are creative every day. To create means “to bring into being, to cause to exist”—something each of us does daily.

        We are creative whenever we look at or think about something in a new way. First this involves an awareness of our surroundings. It means using all of our sese to become aware of our world. This may be as simple as being aware of color and texture, as well as taste, when we plan a meal. Above all, it is the ability to notice things that others might miss.

        A second part of creativity is an ability to see relationships among things. I f we believe the expression, “There is nothing new under the sun,” the creativ ity is remaking or recombining the old in new ways. For example, we might do this by finding a more effective way to study or a better way to arrange our furniture, or we might make a new combination of camera lenses and filters to cr eate an unusual photograph.

        A third part of creativity is the courage and drive to make use of our new ide as, to apply them to achieve some new results. To think up a new concept is one thing; to put the idea to work is another.

        These three parts of creativity are involved in all the great works of genius, but they are also involved in many of our day to day activities.

        26.Which of the following activities is NOT a creative one according to t he passage?

        A.To prepare a meal.

        B.To arrange the furniture in a peculiar way.

        C.To buy some books from a bookstore.

        D.To “write” a letter with the computer.

        27.The author holds that ____.

        A.creativity is of highly demand

        B.creativity is connected with a deep insight to some extent

        C.creativity is to create something new and concrete

        D.to practise and practise is the only way to cultivate one’s creativity

        28.“There is nothing new under the sun.” (Par.3) really implies that ____.

        A.we can seldom create new things B.a new thing is only a tale

        C.a new thing can only be created at the basis of original things D.we can scarcely see really new things in the world

        29.What does the author think about the relationship between a new though t and its being put into practice?

        A.It’s more difficult to create a new thought than to apply it in practice.

        B.To find a new thought will definitely lead to the production of a new thing.

        C.One may come up with a new thought, but can not put it into practice.

        D.A man with an excellent ability of practice can easily become an inventor.

        30.The best title for this passage is ____.

        A.How to Cultivate One’s Creativity B.What is Creativity

        C.The Importance of Creativity D.Creativity—a Not Farway Thing

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